Vordingborgs Internationale

A regional theatre in Vordingborg

Cantabile 2 is an internationally acknowledged performance collective based in Vordingborg, Denmark. The company is leaded by its funder and artistic directior, Nullo Facchini. From its early beginnings in 1983, Cantabile 2 has been recognized as one of the most important Scandinavian performance ensembles, thanks to its extraordinarily vivid visual language: often combining humor and poetry, in the framework of a unique sensual imagery.  

During the last decade, the company has also focused on the development of their unique trademark, the HUMAN SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE, an immersive theatre genre that seeks close and sensuous encounters with the audience, through settings for small groups of audiences, or intimate one to one meetings with the performers. Since 1990, Cantabile 2 is the regional theatre of the city of Vordingborg, DK.

The Waves Festival 2021
78 days until next festival
WAVES Festival presents international performing arts in Vordingborg every other year. More than 60 performances with dance, comedy, new circus performance etc.