Audition call!

Cantabile 2, the regional theater of Vordingborg Municipality, is looking for performers for a special showing at Roskilde Festival 2017.

We are looking for performers that have experience with creating their own material, and can work independently. We value a strong sense of creativity and sensibility towards the audience. We are working without a layer of fiction, so the performer will have to meet the audience without filter in honest encounters, and have the curiosity and courage to be open and honest in the encounter.

The performer’s background can be theatre, dance, performance or something completely different. We encourage applicants of all genders and ages.

Application: Send to Cantabile 2 at by April 30th. Write “Audition” in the subject line.
We will choose participants in account of the received material, and will get in touch with the specific time and place in the beginning of week 18.

At application you are asked to attach your CV, and say whether you have seen any of Cantabile 2’s Human Specific performances and write us what your thoughts about is was. (NB: it is naturally not a requirement that you have seen one of our shows). Besides this, we also ask that you write about what your motivation is for participation in the performance, and let us know if you have previously attended a Cantabile 2 audition.

After application you will receive a task that you should prepare for the audition.

Where: The audition will take place in Copenhagen – we will tell you the specific address after application.

When: The auditions will be on Sunday May the 7th between 10 in the morning and 7 in the evening. The applicants will be split into two groups with different times. An audition can be up to 3 hours.
Please let us know at application, if there are times during the day, where you can’t be there. Then we will try to accompany that wish.

Rehersals and performance period: June 21st-28th followed by performances on June 29th to July 1st.

Questions: Contact Siri Facchini Haff, on +45 5534 0119/

Love Shacks” is an interactive performance, that finds inspiration the modern Escape Rooms, only it’s the other way around; instead of finding the exit, the audience must go deeper and deeper into the performace towards the secret ending. In the beginning the audience progress through simple games and challenges involving empathy, sensitivity, eye contact etc. As the audience progress and get access to the deeper layers, some of the interactions become more challenging…