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Cantabile 2 has many years of experience with international co-productions. We bring our performance concept to partners all over the world and create performances with local performers. We also tour with finished performances. See conditions and technical rider at the pages for the individual performances.

We want to co-produce in order to share. We want the artistic creations to have longer lives and make most of the energy and resources put into the creation process.

We also want the art works to be a relevant and touching experience for the audience and for the presenters, all over the world.




Therefore, we work with a co-production model where we bring the concept of the performance, Nullo Facchini as the director and some core performers. We might also bring scenography, if relevant.

The presenter provides the location, most of the performers and a production team.

The performance is then re-created on site with the local performers and adapted to the location.

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