Human Specific Performance

Cantabile 2’s work is centered around a form of Participatory Theatre, which we call Human Specific Performance. Human Specific Performance is work that:

  • offers personalized experiences to audience members
  • is designed to receive small audience groups in order for the performance to relate in different ways with each individual visitor
  • is dependent on audience participation
  • facilitates genuine encounters in immersive environments
  • explores and employs different forms of sensuous, verbal or physical communication

Within this work Cantabile 2 facilitates encounters between individuals, within given, thematic frames. The ambition of this facilitation is to enable performers and visitors to be both receptive and responsive to one another and thereby to establish the basis for sincere encounters to take place.

A specific quality of Cantabile 2’s Human Specific work is the basic principle of non-fiction, thereby abandoning the concept of role and make-believe. We think that as soon as the spectator recognizes the performer as playing a role, he or she will be reassured by the existence of a distance, of a fictitious reality, which keeps a safety line between him or her and the performance. Also, we focus our artistic research around the study of intimacy, and the major performances (The Venus Labyrinth, Seek to Seek, The Happiness Paradox, Hidden Number and The Time Being) are powerful manifestations of that research.

Cantabile 2 has performed in most European countries, and has focused exclusively on participatory work since 2006.

The Human Specific Performances by Cantabile 2 are:

Hidden Number

The Time Being

The Venus Labyrinth

Life Live! – co-production with Carte Blanche


The Happiness Paradox

Seek to Seek

For a testimonial on experiences with Human Specific Performance have a look at this video, where the French theatre professional, Gabriella Cserhati, describes her moments with one-to-on live art in Cantabile 2’s Human Specific performance The Venus Labyrinth in WTF is Live Art?

Danish article about Human Specific Performance:

 “Genrebrud eller nye traditioner?” – af Laura Luise Schultz og Thomas Rosendal Nielsen