The In Touch Network is a new network created to connect artists that are working with Human Specific Performing Art. It consists of two parts:

The In Touch Network:

A formal network for companies, venues, festivals and organizations producing and programming Human Specific Performing Art. Find more information about the network here.

The In Touch Network Facebook Group:

A forum for communication and exchange for all professionals, artists, academics and the like with an interest in Human Specific Performing Art.

Human Specific Performing Art  is a new approach within contemporary theatre. It is defined as performances that:

• offers personalized and intimate experiences to members of the audience
• is designed to receive small audience groups or individuals in order to relate individually to each person
• is dependent on audience participation
• facilitates genuine encounters in immersive environments
• explores and employs different forms of sensorial communication
• allows audience members to navigate through an aesthetic and sensuous universe

Purposes of the network

• Strengthen the network and communication within the field of Human Specific Performing Art
• Increase the visibility of Human Specific Performing Art as  an artistic approach
• Organize residencies for practice exchange and research
• Arrange introduction workshops and training programmes for emerging artists on the principles of Human Specific Performing Art
• Organize seminars on themes relevant to the field – and with an integration of the Human Specific principles in the format of the seminars
• Face common challenges in the field of Human Specific Performing Art on strategic and political level.

Do you or your company wish to be part of the In Touch Network or the Facebook group?

In Touch Network: Send an e-mail to

Facebook Group: Ask to become a member on Facebook

Members list

Click here for a list of the members of the In Touch Network

In Touch calender

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In Touch is supported by:

Core Group

Cantabile 2(DK) – Secretariat,
Triage Live Art Collective (DE/AUS),
Teatro del Lemming (IT),
Associazione LIS LAB performing arts (IT),
Secret Hotel (DK)