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lykkens10Cantabile 2 (DK)

Cantabile 2 a regional theatre in the Municipality of Vordingborg, Denmark, and an internationally recognized company with national and international touring activities. The company creates both small and large scale Human Specific performances while adding their own element of ”no characters”, where the meeting between human beings is essential. Since 1991 the theatre has organized the international theatre event ”Waves Festival”, which takes place in Vordingborg in odd years in August. //

ch-og-grenskygge-ved-oh-bkSecret Hotel (DK)

Creates audience based, participatory performing art – experiences which are sensuous and at the same time stimulating for the intellect. We view Secret Hotel as a spacious ”place” with multiple and diverse ”rooms”. These years our focus is to heighten the awareness towards our surroundings, under the headline “Landscape Dialogues”: We are creating an interdisciplinary residency center in the National Park Mols Bjerge near Aarhus, we tour performances, and develop various promenade and one-on-one performances.
Secret Hotel has toured abroad and in Denmark since 2008. We have a small three-year funding from the Municipality of Aarhus, and most of our projects receive some funding from the Danish Arts Council.

triageTriage Live Art Collective (DE/AU)

Triage was founded in 2009 by Artistic Director Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy, with key collaborator Melanie Jame Wolf and a range of associate artists. The company has forged a reputation for creating complex intimate and immersive performances for participating audiences. Works range in scale from one-to-one events through to large scale international collaborations. Play, poetry, and the creation of alternate worlds are central to all that we do. This is Triage.

AnimaneraAnimanera (IT)

Animanera interprets and acts in the social, in the political and in the present through original dramas and a variety of languages that draw inspiration from the world of visual arts and new media. The urgency of the company is to find alternative ways of communication, declining the contemporary in an interdisciplinary research. Different visions and intercative paths can create stories, lives and places, into an avantgarde philosophy where the audience is co-starred in an underground aesthetics.
Animanera is an ensemble with a strong commitment to the artistic mix. It is formed by the founders Aldo Cassano, Natasha Curci, Antonio Spitaleri, Lucia Lapolla, as well as a series of permanent collaborators who establish a network of professionalism and valuable asset for the company.
Animanera brings a new concept of residence: inhabit the city.
Active for sixteen years in Milan, for a long time it didn’t identified itself with a physical space, but has put its roots in the urban fabric, often finding home in unconventional places. An attitude that has turned into poetry with happenings and performances that have played a leading role in streets, squares, bridges, parks, universities , community centers . But even in institutional realities such as the Royal Palace, the Museum Bagatti Valsecchi, the Palazzina Liberty and the Piccolo Teatro Strehler.
In 2008 Animanera won the Bando Etre “Esperienze Teatrali di Residenza” sponsored by Fondazione Cariplo and found its basis in PIM OFF for the three-year project Urbanima – the soul of the city.
With Pim Off, a strong and durable synergyhas been developed. In the three years it allows to consolidate the artistic and productive processes, where the performance are accompanied by a stronger focus on contemporary drama . They bring to life shows like “Piombo”, “Fine famiglia” and “Senza famiglia” are born. “Senza famiglia” is produced in 2011 by the CRT, a reality whom is growing up a new phase of collaboration. CRT coproduced also “Intimacy” and, in 2014, “Figli senza volto”.
Since 2012 Animanera has its own space for rehearsals and workshops, but keeps the vocation to live in the city and to create new synergies with theaters and unconventional spaces in Milan.

Projekt PortalBombina Bombast (SE)

Sweden based performing arts company that combines human specific or immersive theatre with film, innovative technology (yes, a bit obsessed with the present) and a burning interest in a generation growing up with virtual relations and games as a natural part of their lives. They work towards exclusive audience experiences with a practice that frames and formulates new methods for transmedia storytelling.
Artistic directors Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic have recently created the exam show for the last year students in physical acting from Stockholm University of the Arts Paradise Activity and have held workshops in creating video walks at Malmö Theatre Academy.


is a performance company which exists in the intersection between sound-installation, performance, eco-art and new age. Every performance is unique and always set in untraditional art-spaces. Themes such as intimacy, longing, transcendence, post-human, technology and sustainability are typically activated and researched together with the audiences. Currently HEAVEN is researching the possibility to challenge the anthropocentric delirium of culture, studying the possibility of communicating with other lifeforms, such as plants, through sound. Recent projects are Five Apartments and music4giants.

The length of HEAVEN’s performances range from 1 hour to several days. There is no physical boundary between the performer and audience. The audience dedicate the specific time to the performance piece when entering, and are invited to engage with the piece as an individual might engage with a situation in every-day life, immersed in all lights, sounds, smells and dialogues. And as with life, every audience experience is unique, and defined by the level of engagement and psyche of the audience. The visual aesthetic currency in HEAVEN draws reference to post-internet aesthetics, asian new age and softcore. // music4giants


Experimental Room Festival (ES)

Human_Time_Site Specific Performances

Experimental Room Festival is dedicated to the exhibition of scenic pieces of small and medium format, created from autobiographical material, concerns or intimate personal experiences and showing a clear interest in experimentation and research with the time, the space and with the members of the audience.

In Experimental Room Festival we can see the work of several national and international artists who use different artistic llanguages and forms to express, but they always have the following in common in their work:
NO-fiction and clear experimentation and research in relation to time, space and spectator.

In Experiemental Room Festival you can enjoy a variety of scenic proposals from the performative actions, through experimental theater, human installations, physical theater, dance, new drama, the use of text or singing and music, but always under the basic conditions that encompass and determine what is a Human_Time_Site Specific Performance.


lost cityLost City (FI)

The Lost City Inc. was first established in Oulu in Northern Finland in 2007 to bring about the first Experience Park Oulu 2008. The first Experience Park combined contemporary dance, contemporary theatre, live art, media art, games and clubs into a week-long festival conceptualized under one virus-like frame. The Experience Park concept examines participation in as wide range as possible with intimacy, pervasiveness, rhizome organization and agency of the spectators being at the center of the work.
The Lost City Inc. is an experience engineering company that designs and builds Experience Parks. The most famous of these are ancient cities based on meticulous anthropological and cultural historical research. Most succesful parks have been New York 1964, Oulu 2008, Mtwara 1995, Grandola 1974, Ayutthaya 1689, Rome 27 BC, Reykjavik 2027 and Turku 2011.

Näkymättömän valtakunta - kiasma 422Reality Research Center (FI)

Reality Research Center (RRC) is a performing arts collective based in Helsinki, Finland. Our works stem from critical perspectives that observe, question and renew the surrounding reality through performative means. For us, performances are both a tool for and a result of artistic research: RRC produces several performance projects each year, which broaden and break the dominant concept of reality as well as the borders and definitions of theatre and performance art. Since 2000, we have created more than 100 experimental performances. An important part of our work has been the creation of new forms of performance, especially ones in which the stage is located in the body and consciousness of the spectator, or within an encounter. In addition to performances, RRC produces and publishes a quarterly performance journal along with books, articles and reviews.

En haandfuld støv

Vontrapp (DK)

The artist collective Vontrapp is a cross-genre group composed of individuals with expertise in a varied array of subjects: dramaturgy, film, electronic music, arts and architecture.

Vontrapp creates unique theatrical events and performances that differs in their expression from event to event, but always based on the site and the audience.

Vontrapp works with site-specific and human-specific theatrical concepts, making the site of the event or performance the frame and the central figure. Vontrapp’s ambition is to create artistic situations and experiences that surrounds and engulfs the audience. Vontrapp works with audience-involvement and interactivity, though not in the sense that allows the audience direct influence on the event or performance. There is no intention of having the audience perform, but the audiences physical and spiritual presence is the core of the work.

1_BOAT-WIDE-sRGBWunderland (DK)

Wunderland creates experiences, performances, artistic research and workshops. The performances are usually held in specific places and are interactive. They can be indoors, in city streets, on the water, in tents, public spaces or in nature.
Our focus is exploration (and challenge) of perception of reality.
In Wunderland all the senses are stimulated. Performative resources can be anything from audio input, in the form of text and soundscapes, to full body experience, dance, performance and installation.
Wunderland was founded in 2007 and has been working internationally since then. The performances are co-created with international artists.

Soup_Foto di Samantha Klein_verticaleLIS(IT)

LIS was born in 1999 focusing its research on the interactions between audience and actors. For LIS, working on and with the five senses means drawing from the unconscious archive which everyone has inside, from the tank of forms, colours, sounds, and smells that belong to the sphere of dream, childhood and myth. The discovery of such dormant sensations becomes for the spectators the path into the innermost memories and the pulsions curtailed by instinct. Aromas, tastes, stimulation of little used perception channels are the basic ingredients of our theatrical language: tools for composing scenarios, tell stories, perform rituals.
Drawing on their multiform activities, LIS have worked with several different partners, carrying out projects, performances and installations for museums of contemporary art, Universities, theatres, the fashion industry and other entrepreneurs in Italy and around Europe

lemmingTeatro del Lemming (IT)

Born in 1987, is famous in Italy and Europe for the originality and radicalism of its work over Myth and spectators and for its oneiric and poetic theatrical language. In Italy is the founder of a particular poetry, called TEATRO DELLO SPETTATORE, that is focused on the sensorial and dramaturgical involvement of the audience. It created an original actor’s training, called THE FIVE SENSES OF THE ACTOR. Furthermore, Teatro del Lemming is an International Centre of Research focused on the Spectator’s role, that organizes residences, workshops and meetings concerning experimental theatre.

img_0842Balzer-Stoyanova (DE/ES/BG)

The duo Balzer & Stoyanova direct HUMAN SPECIFIC INSTALLATIONS (HSI). HSIs connect artists of different disciplines in performances of long duration. They take place in open spaces or in a site-specific structure. The members of the audience move freely, observe and engage in one-on-one meetings with individual performers. Those encounters develop in a gentle atmosphere of time-lessness and with the intriguing awareness of an audience of wandering voyeurs in auto-observation.


AndWhatBeside(s)Death (BE)

The main elements in our research are sensitivity and intimacy into performing arts. Intimate & Sensitive Theatre transforms borders. It invites the spectator to look inward as well as outwards. We like to appeal to a broader sensitivity in the experience of the performative arts. In the performances of AndWhatBeside(s)Death the formalization of daily life is brought in contrast with underlying structures of emotional memory, body and culture.
The performances we create can be defined as sensory experiences: through the senses and the massive memory that is stored in them, as well as the great imagination inherent to them, we try to reach other layers in the beings witnessing our art. More than to affect, we want to move. More than to excite, we want to touch.


Carte Blanhce (DK)

Since its inception, Carte Blanche been one of the primary exponents of sensorial theatre in Denmark. This is a performance language that  focuses on the audience to participate, to enter into and meet the space, performers and the other audience.


Carte Blanche leads the audience into poetic encounters that allow you to explore and stand on the edge of what can be understood and explained . We want to create space for reflection and recognition, for eye-opening encounters. We want you to stop, be curious and ask questions about the way you meet and experience yourself and the world.

Carte Blanche working in a field of tension between theatre and installation, where the staging and space unfold their own performative effect.


GK Collective (FR)

GK is a theatrical research group. GK is a laboratory.
The GK is a collective; its full name is GK Collective.
Based on the principle of the think tank, gathered by a shared ethic and area of research.

What is their research?
– Blurring the border between reality, life and the show.
– Introducing fiction into reality. Challenging everyday life.
–  Exploring, proposing, experimenting a different relationship to the audience.

What ethic?
– Not intrusive participation.
– Free action of the audience.
– Equal risk for both side: comedians and audience.

The main objective of the group is to give a new place to the illusion in the everyday life, to embellish him, to soften him, and to create another legitimacy to the theatre in our society, which is overloaded by generators of illusions (virtual, internet, the interactivity and the 3D).

The GK creates participative shows and considers first and foremost the spectator. His/her decency will be respected in any event; a real-life experience dominates on the subtleties of the show by being always free to act. We play with him, for him, we accompany him in the participation

INHEPIINHEPI (int. network)

Institute for Intangible investigation.
International network of human encounters in performance and installation.
INHEPI is an international company that functions as a network for autonomous artists with the aim of supporting and developing the research of interactive installations and performances throughout the world. The aim is to create a platform for an on-going investigation and research. The experiment and the dialog will in this context always be more important than a finished artistic product.
Since INHEPI wants to be an on-going research platform it will be very open to sharing ideas and work with other partners. Members and Collaborators are researchers, theatres, performers, supporters, and temporary partners, cultural institutions, festivals that have directly worked with INHEPI.
Members of INHEPI are: Sara Topsøe-Jensen -Carte Blanche(DK), Marga Socias -Independent Artist (SP), Cindy Rudel – Indipendent Artist (D), Jean-Marie Oriot – De Generaal (FR-BE), Antonella Cirigliano -Lis Lab performing arts (IT), Mette Aakjær -Wunderland (DK), Sarah John -Independent Artist (DK), Benoît Gasnier -A l’Envers (FR).

15594511618_24ea4f90fb_oMad House (FI)

Mad House is the beginning of a Production House for Performance in Helsinki.

Mad House 1st season is a month-long, dense, international event of live art at Tiivistämö, Suvilahti, Helsinki, on 1-29 October, 2014. The program consists of performances, demos, workshops, lectures, screenings, concerts, clubs, parties and discussions.

The Mad House project aims to create a production house for live art to Suvilahti, Helsinki, by 2017. The Mad House team is a bunch of artists and producers. The Mad House wants to function openly and transparently. During the process towards the production house we will organise several open discussions for professionals, future neighbours, and other interested people.

Con tutto l'amore del mondo BIZZOTTOcucina

Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale (IT)

Qui e Ora Theatre Residency’s project was born in 2007. The project conceived within the ÊTRE – Theatre Residency Experiences initiative by the Cariplo Foundation. Qui e Ora mainly operates in the districts around Bergamo, Italy.
In 2013 Qui e Ora won the price “Approaching new audience to the culture” by Cariplo Foundation with the project Coltivare Cultura that infects the cultural dimension thanks to theatre laboratories, inquires process, events and production of performances.
Qui e Ora is a theatre residency project aiming to the creation of a place where people can experience themselves in relation with the others by listening to the territory. A place where it is possible to deeply observe the social reality and turn it into tales, art and poetry. The main goal of the project is to offer people the chance to be part of a community through the discovery of all its beauty and resources. To learn how to tell one’s experience and imagery, shifting from the real to the mythical and emblematic, where the daily routine become extra-ordinary. (under construction) // //

14585454012_2e427697b2_oSisters Hope (DK)

Operate in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and pedagogy. They draw on immersion and intervention when they manifest on the stages of everyday life and beyond. They are currently working to manifest more sensuous and poetic learning environments amongst other in the large-scale Nordic project Sisters Academy. Sisters Hope is a Danish-based performance group and movement with an associated international troop of performers from various backgrounds. //


Waves Festival (DK)

Waves Festival is an international festival for new,
original and experimental theater and stage art, that
takes place in Vordingborg, Denmark. Performing artists from all over the world present their work and see the newest directions in the world of theater, dance
and visual art.
Cantabile 2 has been organizing the Waves Festival
since 1987. The first festival took place in Copenhagen,
but since 1991 the Waves Festival has been situated in
Vordingborg, 100 km south of Copenhagen.