Cantabile 2
Færgegårdsvej 15, bygning 30, st.
DK-4760 Vordingborg

T: +45 5534 0119 //
CVR. nr. 10 57 70 04
Until 30 March you can only contact us by phone or mail.

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  • Henrik Holmer, (chairman) former mayor of Vordingborg. Senior consultant in the Municipality of Køge
  • Jens Frimann Hansen, (vice chairman) director of The Theatre of Helsinore, artistic director of The Passage Festival and the SO-Festival, England
  • Mille Colbjørn Holst, journalist at Sydsjællands Tidende, Vordingborg
  • Thorbjørn Kolbo, (head of the commitee of Culture, Sports and Leisure, The Municipality of Vordingborg), head of building- and exhibition department at The Danish Castle Center, Vordingborg
  • Trevor Davies, director of Københavns Internationale Teater – KIT
  • Lisbeth Klixbüll, managing director, Aaben Dans (Open Dance), Roskilde
  • Maria Westh Hage, employee representative