The next giant leap for mankind awaits.

In “Entropolis” science has chosen the red planet as our next destination – our new home. The next chapter in the story of humanity will not be written on Earth, but on Mars.

A small group will be sent to Mars with a one-way ticket, and they will be tasked with creating the foundation for a new human civilization. This group will be carefully chosen based on their individual skillset – what skills should they possess? What qualities are we looking for in the people responsible for starting a new civilization? What kind of people do we want to send to Mars? Could it be you? Do you have what it takes to start over?

There are a million ways a new society can look based on the values of the people building it. I the new performance from Cantabile 2, “Entropolis”, you will be challenged to think about what qualities and values you would want in the founders of the new world. You will be asked to consider if perhaps you could be a candidate yourself – could you be interested in swapping out your life on Earth with a new one on Mars?