Hidden number – special edition is presented at CPH Stage 26 to 29 May
Programme and tickets sales can be found here
Supported by Tuborgfondet.

In the performance Hidden Number the city is the setting, in which you are send to explore forgotten stories, familiar and unfamiliar faces and places you never knew existed. You will be both a detective, an explorer and an important guest, when you are invited behind doors that are normally closed to the public.

Hidden Number will blur the lines between reality and fantasy, when the audience is send on a journey through the city on foot and in huge American cars. Their journey will lead them to encounters in private houses and bedrooms, through lovely nature and horrible decay, or on a hunt for hidden clues in the city’s bars.

In addition to the international team of performers Hidden Number features roughly 30 volunteers from the host city, who will give the performance a local and personal touch in very surprising ways.
Your phone is your connection to the world – your lifeline. Now it’s calling. On the display it says: Hidden Number. Will you answer?