Life Live! is a labyrinth style performance game about being alive in a meeting between people, where you in turn meet yourself. The performance takes the audience on a journey of recognition. In small groups the audiences follow a guide and they participate actively in the performance. 6 performers and 40 mobile walls create new rooms of immersion continuously throughout the live game, which the audiences are co-creating, from searching for the smallest atom, to the creation of a city and the tearing down of walls.

Join the journey of internal exploration where no questions are too big and none too small.The possibilities are endless: Life Live! gives a voice to the silent and makes it possible to hear silence.When the journey begins the road is hidden. Along the way, the honest participation of each individual creates the path that leads the journey – and the honest interaction between people creates a community.

Recommended for children aged 14+

A Reumert Award nominated co-production by Cantabile 2 and  Carte Blanche.