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Like a character in an open world videogame, you explore your own personal route equipped with a smart phone as your guide – sometimes on your own, other times as part of a larger or smaller group. Behind every door you will find possibilities to make your own choices and to engage in authentic encounters with performers and other visitors. Every performer in the house is there as her- or himself and you are encouraged to participate as yourself. You choose how much, you want to invest in the experience. Whether you are ready for an emotionally bungee jumping, or whether you prefer to experience from a gentle and observing place is up to you. Only you know what you long for.

In the search for happiness you can explore aspects as hidden generosity, community, observation of thoughts, focused deed, sensuality, ferocity and silence. Here are no answers; the performers of the universe are themselves as searching as the guest visiting them. At the same tide – incorporated in this search lies an ancient paradox: Isn’t it so that the more you seek out happiness, the less it seems to allow itself to be captivated? Is happiness only found in small moments of inattentiveness? And how then do you create inattentiveness consciously?? The Happiness Paradox is a Human Specific performance created by artistic director Nullo Facchini in collaboration with an international team of performers and a production team – together they all stand behind the original design of the aesthetic and auditory universe.