LOGO 2015 eng






No upcoming dates.

– Aug. 23rd-28th: Vordingborg Library(Waves Festival)
– Feb 25th-Mar 1st: Haslev Library
– Feb 18th-22nd: Næstved Library
– Jan 28th-Feb 1st: Ringsted Library
– Jan 21st-25th: Roskilde Library
– Jan 14th-18th: Library of Frederiksberg
– Jun 4th: Vordingborg Library(Vordingborg Kulturnat)
– Nov 27th-Dec 1st: Vordingborg Library

Idea & concept: Nullo Facchini and Sara Topsøe-Jensen(Carte Blance)
Director: Nullo Facchini
Director’s assistant: Catrine Bek
Production Manager: Catrine Bek
Technical manager: Allan Hansen
Set and light design: Per Aagaard

Catrine Bek, Marianne Christensen, Eja Due, Kaja Egeberg, Nadine Ezzaaf, Siri Facchini Haff, Tilde Knudsen, Cecilia Lasagno, Mette Kathrine Mortensen, Anne Nyboe, Sarah Cipa Pape, Karolina Pietrzykowska, Steffen Sommerstedt, Maria Stoyanova

Thank you to all supporters, and to Vordingborg Library, Library of Frederiksberg, Haslev Library, Næstved Library, Roskilde Library, Ringsted Library, Vordingborg Library, Caroline Fougt, Clayton Cubitt, Jesper Fleng, Jan O. Mogensen

And a special thank you to Sara Topsøe-Jensen and Carte Blanche.

The Space Between Two Words is a Human Specific performance by Cantabile 2 made for libraries, in which the involvement of the audience acts as the foundation.

Your own taste for literature – as well as for life itself – will determine the individual journey you must traverse, what groups you will become a part of and the people you will meet on your way. How do we choose what knowledge to aquire?

Uniquely developed software decodes a number of personal criteria of the individual spectator, and guides the audience around in The Space Between Two Words. The different sections of the library are transformed into special installation spaces you move around in; sometimes on your own – at other times in groups.

In your travels, you might find that one person, whom shares exactly the same literary taste as you. Maybe you will be writing fragments of you own autobiography. Maybe you will read another person like a book. You might meet Alice without her Wonderland, maybe you will visit the Invisible Cities of Calvino, or you will experience the modern soul of an old instrument, web chats with painful secrets or roam around the meaning of life and death.