Do you look forward to or rather dread the future when you see how the digital development is thundering by? Do you rejoice or shudder when you think about what science has enabled us to do? Are you worried that artificial intelligence might overtake us?

Cantabile 2’s new performance on tour, THE TIME BEING 2.0, focuses on the great ethical and existential choices that humanity faces today; choices related to the new opportunities that digital and scientific development makes available to us. Brain implants that are right now being developed will equip us with new skills. Nano robots swimming in our veins will detect diseases in time and eventually help medical science to eradicate them totally. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence puts the human being in a new perspective. If our bodies can be repaired indefinitely and upgraded exactly as we wish, what will we
expect of each other as humans? How will our relationships and work-life balance change when life expectancy is doubled?

Surrounded by a subdued light and gentle music, you are led through a sensuous universe of future visions. Together with the performers and the other participants, you move through game-like situations that pose questions and generate choices. What sparks your curiosity? Where does your limit go? When the mind opens to the idea that everything can change and all familiar reference points can be moved nhow will that effect the choices you make every day? These are questions only you can answer yourself.

THE TIME BEING 2.0 is a Human Specific performance inspired by Yuval Noah
Harari’s New York Times bestseller: “Homo Deus — A Brief History of Tomorrow”.

The performance is supported by The Municipality of Vordingborg and Copenhagen Performing Arts Committee (Københavns Scenekunstudvalg)