The Time Being

The Time Being revolves around the new choices we face, as human beings, in view of digital development and science’s achievements in biotechnology, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

Humanity is able to emulate the gods, but will this ability refine us and bring happiness? What happens to our relationships, to our own and collective expectations – in a not so distant future – when the human body could be repaired, upgraded, cloned and life expectancy could be significantly extended? What awaits us in a future increasingly dominated by Data-ism, notions that by handling Big Data and algorithms we will be able to overcome difficulties and challenges in our daily lives, a future in which artificial intelligence may be superior to mankind?

These are few of the considerations; The Time Being inspires the audience to deepen the reflection through an actual encounter between physical people. The meeting between performers and audience is central to Cantabile 2’s theatrical form. The Company began in 2003 to develop Human Specific performances and now, The Time Being leads them into a new era.

“What most interested us in the creation of the performance was to research what all these insights into possible future scenarios are doing to us, right now. Right here and now. What happens if you open your mind to how everything could look completely different – how our benchmarks today could change in 200 years. It also brings light to how we live our lives and perceive others and ourselves today.” – Siri Facchini Haff, actor and project developer at Cantabile 2.

The performance is supported by The Municipality of Vordingborg and Copenhagen Performing Arts Committee (Københavns Scenekunstudvalg)