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The Venus Labyrinth is one of the major works by Nullo Facchini and Cantabile 2, made as a part of Facchini’s investigation of a new theatre form transforming the site-specific into the human-specific, and dealing with the universal sensitivity of human as an emotional being.

The Venus Labyrinth is conceived as an individual, interactive journey into the female brain. The Labyrinth contains 28 installation rooms, corresponding to the 28 known areas of the human brain, and each room is inhabited by a woman. Each performer has, in collaboration with director Nullo Facchini, created her room starting from a true personal memory, an experience, in some cases even a secret.

Each spectator enters the labyrinth alone, with a few minutes’ interval, and joins these women in a unique, sensorial and emotional experience. No spectator is presented with the entire labyrinth; not two spectators will view or share the same experience. The journey takes approximately 1 hour.

The Venus Labyrinth has been performed at the old fortress Masnedø in Vordingborg, at the fortress Trekroner in Copenhagen, in a bunker in Bielefeld, Germany, at Godsbanen in Aarhus, at an old asylum, in The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland and in the Gatchina Palace in Skt Petersborg. In addition it has been produced in a special version with women from Syria, Jordan and Iran for the festival Images of the Middle East.