Press photos

Photos in high resolution from the latest productions of Cantabile 2 are ready to be downloaded here. The photos are .jpgs and are meant for use in the press, along with credit to the photographer.

If you need other pictures or photos from other performances, please contact Helle Bøgelund at or + 45 28 15 95 43

The Time Being
(c) Per Rasmussen (c) Per Rasmussen (c) Per Rasmussen (c) Per Rasmussen

Hidden Number

  (c) Karoline Lieberkind (c) Karoline Lieberkind  (c) Karoline Lieberkind (c) Karoline Lieberkind

Entropolis 1 (c) Anders Cules Nielsen Entropolis 2 (c) Nullo Facchini Entropolis 3 (c) Bombina Bombast Entropolis 4 (c) Bombina Bombast

Life Live!
1c1440 lifelive1 lifelive5 lifelive4

The Happiness Paradox
lykkens10 lykkens9 IMG_0748 IMG_9633

The Space Between Two Words
ordmellemrum6 IMG_8975h IMG_8962 web IMG_9118

The Venus Labyrinth
(c) Nullo Facchini (C) Nullo Facchini