Previous Performances

Cantabile 2 celebrated its 25th anniversary in August 2008. For the anniversary, a historical article was written listing all the performances of Cantabile 2 up until this year. The article was published in the official jubilee book “Cantabile 2, 1983-2008”. Read the article here (In Danish)

Cantabile 2 is an internationally recognized performance theatre in Vordingborg, under the artistic direction of Nullo Facchini. The theatre – founded in Italy in 1983 – came to Denmark in 1984 where it resided in Copenhagen until 1990 when it became the regional theatre of Vordingborg. On the foundation of an extraordinary living, visual language that combines the poetic and humorous moments framed by unique, sensual imagery, Cantabile 2 has confirmed its position as one of the most important performance theatres in Scandinavia throughout the years.

Until 2009, Cantabile 2 created performances for conventional stages as well as site-specific performances in carefully handpicked places – often in vast outdoor spaces, Cantabile 2 is primarily known and acclaimed for the latter. Since 2009 Cantabile 2 has created performances in the genre Human Specific Performing Arts. However, one exception is The Venus Labyrinth which was created in its first version back in 2013.