The Covid-19 situation at Cantabile 2

Right now at Cantabile 2 we are working to adapt to the new circumstances caused by the corona crisis worldwide. We are, among other things, developing new performative formats online, as well as our next production for children and theatre’s autumn activities.

ADMINISTERING CHANGES to our original 2020 calendar is what currently occupies our days. We had no choice but to cancel research trips and performances. As CPH Stage 2020 is cancelled, we will, unfortunately, not be able to present The Time Being to the international audience this year.

POSTPONING the CREATING TRANSFORMATIVE ENCOUNTERS WORKSHOP and some of our performances was necessary. Other projects were moved to en earlier date – see our calendar for changes. We are experiencing, just like the entire cultural sector, many challenges and worries, yet, we try to see new opportunities.

IN THE ARMS OF SILENCE, our new production for children, will premiere as early as August, and not, as originally planned, in November. We are currently in the process of developing the performance. Like all our productions, “In The Arms of Silence” focuses on audience participation and, therefore, we wished that the children would be in close contact with each other in parts of the performance. Taking into account the circumstances, we are now working to adapt it to the requirements of physical distancing and at the same time, we are investigating and creating new opportunities for proximity and presence.

WAVES FESTIVAL 2021 is also on the agenda now. We are in full swing with preparations for both the outdoor and indoor performance programme and the Waves Xtra programme for theatre practitioners and professionals. There are plenty of applications to funds and sponsors that need to be researched and written as the groundwork for yet another exciting performing arts festival.