Creating Transformative Encounters

Workshop 2021 in Vordingborg
16 – 24 September 2021
Teaching is in English.

Nullo Facchini and Cantabile 2’s ensemble holds a 9-day intense workshop on authentic and transformative encounters between people. This international workshop introduces and trains the methods behind Cantabile 2’s audience-engaging performances – human specific performances – where special relationships and mutual trust are built.

Workshop participants explore how sincere and non-fictional communication with the audience can trigger strong emotional and sensory reactions. The boundaries between strangers are challenged when creating authentic encounters, based on receptivity and trusting openness.

Among other things, we teach how to develop dramaturgies and scripts that create a starting point for participation and intimacy, and how to use structures from games and rituals to create the framework for meaningful encounters and relationships between individuals and within a group.

We also work to develop and transform storytelling and autobiographical material into a fully sensory experience, far beyond the verbal and auditory level, and how to remain present in communication with the audience and with another human being in general.

The workshop is offered as a boarding school for up to 10 participants, who have access to Cantabile 2’s facilities and the beautiful park that surrounds the place. The participants are accommodated in the theater’s apartment, where there are single and double rooms, as well as a common living room, kitchen and bathroom. Walking distance from Vordingborg Station.

You will find the full programme for the workshop 2021 here

What is human specific performance?

Cantabile 2’s theatrical work and the techniques we have developed on an ongoing basis create fertile ground for extraordinary encounters between people. The ambition of our methods is to enable performers and spectators to be receptive and responsive to each other in a common exchange of openness and vulnerability that arises during our performances.

Central to our performances is the intimate encounter between performer and spectator in a universe of immersion. We offer the audience personal and intense experiences in the authentic meetings between the performers and the other participants of the performance. This is the reason why we often only have room for a limited number of spectators per. show.

A special quality of Cantabile 2’s human specific performances is the basic principle of non-fiction, ie. the elimination of the role as a portrayal of a character other than the person the performer is in his personal life outside the theater. Our performances can be understood as a form of play in several levels, filled with transformative meetings or interactions, in which both performers and participants participate.

Participants attend our performances individually, in one large group or in several smaller groups. Each spectator makes individual choices and gives completely personal answers, which shape the performance uniquely for the individual. The scenography is often simple and creates an aesthetic sensory universe that strengthens a sense of presence in all participants. Every spectator is seen, touched and spoken to in a series of interactions with the performers, and often the spectators are deeply touched.

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