This video presents testimonials from participants in Creating Transformative Encounters 2019. Here you meet Anna, Tin, Migle and Charlotte.

Creating Transformative Encounters 2020
24 September to 2 October in Vordingborg

International intensive workshop teaching participatory and human specific performance by Nullo Facchini and the ensemble of Cantabile 2

The workshop is for professional theatre makers, performers, dancers, musicians, singers and visual and live artists and other professionals with interest in close encounters between individuals, e.g. teachers, librarians, therapists, coaches and the like. The workshop introduces and trains Cantabile 2’s methods, with audience participation being the central element. The focus is on exploration of interactivity, participation and intimacy in different spaces, mainly away from the classical theatre stage.

Participants will investigate in which ways sincere and and non-fiction based communication with the audience members can trigger strong emotional and sensorial responses. The boundaries between strangers will be challenged, evoking authentic, receptive and trusting modalities of participation.

All teaching will be in English.

Read much more in the programme with dates, activities and practical information HERE

The workshop 2020 is full, but you can get your name on a waiting list. Please write to if you are interested.

Testimonials from previous participants at Creating Transformative Encounters:

It was such a great experience, very dense. So many emotions came out. It was a very useful work about how to structure these transformative encounters, and my hope is to integrate this whole experience into my life when I come back home.”
Maria-Gulia, Italy

I really had Transformative Encounters with the outside guests coming to attend my work at thE night of showing. Meetings that I will never forget, which my emotions come across now and then, and some that I even still tell others about.
Valdemar, Denmark

“The reason I signed up for the course was because I would like to allow myself to dive into this world where fantasy is of great importance. And I have been stimulated in my imagination and my curiosity has been fed to full during these eight days. In addition, something happened that I did not expect at all, namely that I have developed such a very sensitive feeling in my body. I really feel that my body is so much present in this room right now.”
Nanna, Denmark

It has been a wonderful journey of structure and open space to both descend into some very specific tools and methods, and into the body with the morning workouts every day. This open space challenges one’s artistic work in relation to how you have your own practice.”
Viola, Denmark

The best thing I bring with me back home is that I really want to do theatre again. These days I’ve had experiences that I haven’t had since I started making theatre. It’s a really big thing to get back this kind of starting point. I have learned to have a close relationship with spectators and getting something back from a spectator – there is more than just getting applause.”
Marianne, Germany

A wide range of educational programmes is offered by Cantabile 2

Cantabile 2 organizes workshops, courses, master classes and lectures for professional performers and other professionals with an interest in the interaction between people.

We present and teach the methods and techniques which we have been developing and refining continuously since 2003 and which we use to create the Human Specific Performance – a theatre form based on the participation of the audience.

Our work, born in the context of theatre and performance, can be successfully applied to a great variety of professional and personal life areas, where human relationships and interactions are important.

Among other things, we teach how to develop dramaturgies and scripts of participation and intimacy, how to use the structures of games and rituals to build meaningful meetings and relations between individuals and within a group, how to develop and transform storytelling and autobiographical material into a full sensory experience, far beyond the verbal and the auditory, how to stay present in communication with the audience and with another human being in general.

Please contact us if you consider ordering a teaching experience or participating in one of Human education programmes below:

  • introductory lectures (1,5 hour)
  • master classes for professional performers (3 hours)
  • courses (2-4 days)
  • Workshops with accommodation (9 days): CREATING TRANSFORMATIVE ENCOUNTERS An International Intensive Workshop in Participatory and Human Specific Performance. In 2020 this workshop will be held in Denmark at Cantabile 2’s facilities in Vordingborg. The full programme and presentations of the teachers can be downloaded here
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What is Human Specific Performance?

The focus of our performances is the intimate encounter between individuals. The ambition of our artistic work is to create the grounds for extraordinary, ”here and now”, meetings between people. The performance frames and the unconventional interaction patterns are to enable both, performers and audience members, to be receptive and responsive to each other, to share and witness the beauty of vulnerability. To achieve that we create performance universes that can accommodate a very specific number of participants, where each and every person is seen, touched and spoken to and where all senses are involved in the communication.

Audience members enter our performances individually, in one larger group, or in several smaller groups. Each person makes personal choices and gives entirely personal responses, which makes the experience unique for every participant.

A special quality of Cantabile 2’s Human-Specific performances is the fundamental principle of non-fiction. We eliminate the ”role” as a representation of a character, which differs from who the performer is in his or her personal life outside the theatre. Our performances become multilevel games, filled with transformative encounters, in which we, together with our audience, take part.