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The workshop will be held online, and will focus on helping each participant create a short online Human

CONTENT // Cantabile 2’s work is centred around a form of Participatory Theatre, which we call Human Specific Performance. Human Specific Performance is work that:
– Offers personalized experiences to audience members
– Is designed to receive small audience groups in order for the performance to relate in different ways with each individual visitor
– Is dependent on audience participation
– Facilitates genuine encounters in immersive environments
– Explores and employs different forms of sensuous, verbal or physical communication

Within this work Cantabile 2 facilitates encounters between individuals, within given, thematic frames. The ambition of this facilitation is to enable performers and visitors to be both receptive and responsive to one another and thereby to establish the basis for sincere encounters to take place. A specific quality of Cantabile 2’s Human Specific work is the basic principle of non-fiction, thereby abandoning the concept of role and make-believe.

The workshop will be focused on exploring interactivity, participation and intimacy in preformative spaces. Working individually, in pairs or in small groups, the participants will research an artistic language based on the creation of intense, sincere, non-fictional encounters with visiting audiences. This workshop is open to professional artists of all disciplines, who are interested in experimenting with immersive performance and active audience participation.

The specific themes and exercises will deal with:
– The creation of immersive universes. Devising and guiding sensorial experiences.
– Relating to a participating audience within a structure of personal interaction.
– Exploring borders of emotional and intellectual interaction.
– Using non-traditional spaces for framing experiences with journey-like structures.
– Use of personal, biographical material outside of the typical storytelling frames.
– Different forms of open dramaturgy, labyrinth-like performance structures.
– Creation of participatory dramaturgy based on ritual- or game-based structures.
– Risk taking: the performer in the double role of guide and protagonist.
– Physical contact with a participating audience. Creating a non-invasive environment for bodily communication.

BIO // Nullo Facchini started working professionally as a theatre director at the early age of 21, in Italy. At 23 he founded his own company, which he called Cantabile 2 and which he still directs today.

Cantabile 2 has now, since 1990, status as Regional Theatre in Denmark, creating and producing performances for both national and international audiences. He also founded, and was principal of, School of Stage Arts, (1988-2006) a 3-years professional education program for theatre makers and performers focusing mainly on the creation of physical theatre. After more than two decades of creating large-scale dance-theatre and site-specific work, he turned in 2006 to what he calls Human Specific Performance, thereby switching focus to the creation of highly interactive and immersive performance universes. Nullo Facchini has won several Danish awards through the years, latest in 2018 when Cantabile 2s human specific performance Hidden Number won the Danish Reumert Award for Best Performance of the Year.

Specific Performance. Those performances will be presented in a final public presentation through the Zoom online platform.


Participants are required to write a short introduction/motivation letter about themselves when registering. The letter can be sent to: info@studio303.ca

  • Datoer
    02. november 2020 – 06. november 2020
    Montreal - online
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