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Embraced by Silence

Silence is always here.
It is here now – underneath all the sounds.
You can sense it especially when when you are close to nature, you can feel it when you are very close to another person, when you immerse yourself in tranquillity and let time stand still.
Often, however, it can be difficult to find silence.
Because there’s so much noise in the world, and we have so many things on our to-do lists.
But if you listen carefully, you can hear the silence.
It is here – right this moment.
Can you hear it?

We seldom pay attention to silence. But if you dive into it, you start to experience the world in a different way – an attentive way. Hardly noticeable sounds gain significance. It becomes more clear what is important.

We all wear headphones in the performance, both the audience and the performers. You are enfolded in a universe of sounds, where performers whisper directly into your ear. What you hear is integrated with what you see happening on stage. Yet, what you see is not all what the performance is made of. In fact, the performance is created through your mental images.
During the performance, while we all experience resting in the embrace of silence, we also engage with each other through simple physical movements. To deepen and enhance the experience of sound and silence, we use binaural sound.

"Particularly worth seeing and hearing"
7 - 13 year olds with their carers
45 min
  • Dates
    13. April 2021 – 15. April 2021
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    16. April 2021 – 17. April 2021
    10. April 2021 – 10. April 2021
    15. June 2021 – 18. June 2021
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    09. April 2021 – 09. April 2021
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    22. October 2020 – 23. October 2020
    School performances, Vordingborg Municipality
    04. November 2020 – 05. November 2020
    School performances, Horsens
    01. December 2020 – 02. December 2020
    School performances, Dyhrs Skole, Slagelse
    14. December 2020 – 14. December 2020
    School performances, Øster Egeborg Skole
    15. December 2020 – 15. December 2020
    School performances, Bogø Kostskole
    15. December 2020 – 15. December 2020
    School performances, Møn Skole, Stege afd.
    16. December 2020 – 16. December 2020
    16. December 2020 – 16. December 2020
    School performances, Bogø Kostskole
    11. February 2021 – 11. February 2021
    Slagelse Library
    13. February 2021 – 13. February 2021
    03. February 2021 – 03. February 2021
  • Reviews
    What makes the performance particularly worth seeing and hearing, is the silence that sneaks in and the love that one can feel. Randi K Petersen, Børneteateravisen
  • Credits
    Siri Facchini Haff
    Concept and development
    Siri Facchini Haff, Karolina Pietrzykowska, Sandra Yi Sencindiver og Lasse Munk
    Sandra Yi Sencindiver
    Cast and production
    Karolina Pietrzykowska og Siri Facchini Haff
    Sound design
    Lasse Munk
    Light design
    Per Aagaard
    Nullo Facchini
    Siri Facchini Haff, Karolina Pietrzykowska
    Sounddesign assistant
    Kevin Buster Mortensen
    Helle Iuel
    Per Rasmussen
    Grafic design
    Lone Fomsgaard
    Artistic director of Cantabile 2
    Nullo Facchini
    Project manager
    Siri Facchini Haff
    Maria Westh Hage
    PR & Marketing
    Helle Bøgelund
    Helle Iuel
    Cantabile 2 – Sanseværk for børn og unge
    The performance was created in close cooperation with the artistic team.
    Thanks to
    Ester, Isolde, Linus, Lulu, Maren og Nikolai for at stille op til fotografering.
    Thanks to
    børn fra Skoleklub Iselinge for at indtale deres tanker om stilhed.
    Thanks to
    alle de børn, der har givet uvurderlig feedback under prøverne.
    Thanks to
    Vordingborg Kommune for at gøre det muligt at tilbyde forestillinger til skolerne i kommunen
  • Supporters
    • Vordingborg municipality
    • William Demant Funds

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