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Performance Plays next Friday the 18th of November 2022

Mémoire sans Sovenir

A brain turned inside out, like a shirt to be washed… the images it holds lie chaotically scattered on its fibers.

Some still alive, some fading, most of them distorted by blurry details.

As if someone had drawn caricatures of the originals.

A collection of misty memories, perhaps unconsciously mixed with the wishes of what could have happened.

One hand, our hands.
The marks on our skin, in our bodies.
The only reliable witnesses to what really took place.
What was I thinking, what did I say, what did they hear?
There’s someone I met by chance.
There are songs I’ve heard, places I drove by, photographs I saw, strangers I was curious about

I forgot about them all
If I ever see them again, I will only recognize a few. Not the most expected.

Memoir sans souvenir is a poetic and humorous dance performance about the people and the moments in our lives that we think we have forgotten…

Cantabile 2 creates a dance performance that, inspired by new circus, modern dance and physical theater, moves into the land of lost memories.

Director Nullo Facchini, together with six excellent artists, examines human memory, in which both our private and shared memories lie stored. Together, they will reach out to our most fleeting, subtle memories, bringing them with them into the performance.
It will be a journey full of the poetic language of dance and the magic of the theatre. Perhaps the performance even ignites the spark that makes the audience’s own, forgotten stories and hidden images come out of the woodwork.

1 hr. 20 minutes
Vordingborg Theatre
  • Dates
    18. November 2022

    Vordingborg Theatre
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    19. November 2022

    Vordingborg Theatre
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    20. November 2022

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  • Credits
    Eva Johanna Forsehag, Jernej Bizjak, Lalla la Cour, Tobias Sköld, Annika Kompart and Timothée Meiffren
    Nullo Facchini
    Tiziana Fracchiolla
    Nils Grarup
    Imre Zsibirk
    Helle Iuel
    PR, marketing and production
    Emilie Storm Petersen
    Stine Rejnholdt
    Costume designer
    Nadia Nabil Korsbæk
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