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The Space Between Two Words

Which section of a library, or of a bookstore, do different people visit first, upon entering? Every participant’s specific taste in books – as well as in people and in lifestyles – will determine his or her individual journey, which groups he or she will become a part of and who they will meet on their way.

Uniquely developed Artificial Intelligence elaborates the data which is input by each individual participant and by the performers and uses that information to create differentiated paths for the everybody’s journey through The Space Between Two Words. The different sections of the library are transformed into installation spaces you move around in; sometimes on your own – at other times in groups.

Some participants will be chosen by the System, abducted and transferred to a parallel secret reality. Participants should not necessarily expect to go home with the same companions they came to the library together with.

Audience number
30 persons
90 minutes
  • Credits
    Idea & concept
    Nullo Facchini og Sara Topsøe-Jensen (Carte Blanche) 
    Nullo Facchini
    Production Manager and director’s assistant
    Catrine Bek
    Technical manager
    Allan Hansen
    Set and light design
    Per Aagaard 
    Catrine Bek, Marianne Christensen, Eja Due, Kaja Egeberg, Nadine Ezzaaf, Siri Facchini Haff, Tilde Knudsen, Cecilia Lasagno, Mette Kathrine Mortensen, Anne Nyboe, Sarah Cipa Pape, Karolina Pietrzykowska, Steffen Sommerstedt, Maria Stoyanova 
  • Supporters
    • Thank you to all supporters, and to Vordingborg Library, Library of Frederiksberg, Haslev Library, Næstved Library, Roskilde Library, Ringsted Library, Vordingborg Library, Caroline Fougt, Clayton Cubitt, Jesper Fleng, Jan O. Mogensen.
    • And a special thank you to Sara Topsøe-Jensen and Carte Blanche.

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