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At the Bottom of Darkness

A performance by Sanseværk
– engaging performing arts for children

The performance is inspired by mythical tales of delving into the Darkness, facing whatever is hidden there, and resurfacing stronger into the light.

We put bodies, minds and senses into play and explore darkness as our shared space, where we are connected and open. Equipped with flashlights and playful curiosity, together, we enter the darkness. We look and listen to what is sheltering there, in the darkness that surrounds us and in the darkness inside each of us.

The children are active participants who, together with the two performer-guides, move around the performance space. We create a common ritual of diving down to the bottom of darkness in order to experience its unique poetry an its power to revive us.

The regional TV2 East was a guest at the performance in 2019 and on the 12th of March, and this feature was broadcasted in the 19.30 news

For information about possible tour plans please contact +45 55 34 01 19

10 - 14 year
70 minutes
Number of participants
Max 30
  • Dates
    21. April 2024
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    21. April 2024
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    30. March 2022 – 30. March 2022
    30. March 2022 – 30. March 2022
    01. April 2022 – 01. April 2022
    15. November 2023 – 17. November 2023
    13. December 2023 – 15. December 2023
  • Reviews
    The question is, can children be taught anything? But if they can be made feel safe, as in Egnsteatret's "On the Bottom of the Darkness" - an interactive performance with two actors in a dark room with magical and evocative light design, then much can be achieved. Because it is about daring. Dare to go into the darkness and accept it, to feel at home there. Not to disappear, but to take it over.
    Theatre people draw school pupils into darkness
    In the darkness you can reveal the part of you that is hidden
  • Audience feedback
  • Credits
    Idea, concept and performers
    Karolina Pietrzykowska, Siri Facchini Haff
    Siri Facchini Haff, Karolina Pietrzykowska, Sandra Yi Sencindiver
    Consultant and production manager
    Nullo Facchini
    Scenography consultant
    Mie Riis Christiansen
    Director's assistent
    Katrine Laursen
    Light consultant
    Pernille Plantener Holst
    Composer "Darkness' song"
    Marc Facchini
    Sanne Mejse Ystrøm
    Stage builder
    John Nyby
  • For professionals
    Folder – in Danish – with practical information, technical rider and prices can be downloaded from here For more information in English please contact Siri Facchini Haff:

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